red sea diving deep south

We are located 14 Km south of the city of Marsa Alam, in the fantastic bay of Um Tondoba (which means mother of a type of tree special to the area). The bay offers easy access to the water regardless the sea condition. Divers, snorkels and swimmers will all find it a simple and safe way to experience the Red Sea. As the sandy confined depth is ideal for beginners and makes learning diving both easy and fun. The marine life in this unspoilt bay is unique and chances are, you may meet up with various aquatic species.

The beach in front of Deep south diving club is an endless stretch of white sand and shells. Perfect for privacy and, if you feel like socializing all you have to do is to step into our beach lounge where you will be greeted with fresh juice or cold beer (lots more).
Then you can lay back and enjoy our ‘chill out’ music!


The accommodation in Deep South lodge is either in a tastefully constructed hut (all huts are uniquely decorated designed by our local artist Mostafa) or a chalet. All our chalets come with en-suite toilet and shower. After you check in you can go to our Diveholic pub on top of the hill with the marvellous views from both sides. The sea and the mountain will relax your eyes while you watch the sun set in extremely colourful skies.

Food & Night Life

After sunset guests meet at moonshine restaurant where we sit and exchange our daily encounters (mainly it’s about big fishes and the aquatic life). When Adel comes with his smile declaring that Dinner is served could be fresh fish, oriental or our famous pasta and many more. Beach barbeque are regular features in our place. As for vegetarians, they usually call our menus veggy heaven!

After dinner we hang out in the bar for drinks, shisha and, loads of fun. Our famous chill out music from all over the world will certainly entertain!